“Gli oggetti che ci appartengono  parlano di noi,  questi sono i miei S/Oggetti”
These canvases are familiar as both objects and subjects as they come to life with a thread, a button, a salvaged item.

These materials are not just recycled – they are regenerated through a new functionality and the surrounding colours, thus forming a single entity, an “otherness”.

They originate in the past (history of custom, interior decoration, design…) and in the present (fashion and advertising) and are projected as the future memory of society or of the artist’s experience in art, cinema and advertising - different worlds united by a common denominator: creativity.

The artist’s hand executes, pursuing an idea, an intricate web of memories, an unexpected sequence of seemingly never-ending visions. Each detail is a deliberate reference to a skill, an experience, a passion for a material.

The artist’s choices express her nature, her tastes and her feelings. She relates directly to these objects, to which she intends to do justice by making them real and relevant through the use of materials.

This is why she refers to them as her “S-objects”.
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